Monster Defense

Get ready to step on the battlefield and protect the toys from the monsters


google-play-badgeWe have created something special for you that will suit the needs of people of all ages. Rush to the market and download free the latest Monster Defense on your phone. It will take you away to the world of your dreams where you will have the chance to prove that you are really the coolest hero. Fight against the evil creatures that are ready to take over your favorite toys. You were at the attic trying to clean it. When you opened the old boxes with plastic cars it reminded you of your childhood and how happy you were while you played with these. Now your everyday is full of stress and worries and it can be harmful to your health. Finally you have found the top application that will amuse you so much and make all the problems go away. Smash all those monsters and while they disappear imagine that you are getting rid of the real troubles. Your favorite toys are in danger and you are on the way to secure them from the eeriest spiders. Their frightening appearance will not make you run but you will stay and fight. You will overcome even your greatest fears in order to save your treasure. Give your best on the newest battlefield and think about the good old days and how you used to spend hours in the garden playing with that pink balloon.

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Now some scary devil want to steal it from you. But you want let him and you will summon up all your courage to destroy him and secure your favorite memories. No one will stand a chance against you and you will show the world that you are the bravest warrior out there! Get the popular Monster Defense game on your tablet and enter the fantastic world that will amuse you for hours.

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