Halloween Defense

Prepare to defend the candies from the scary creatures


google-play-badgeIf you are a lover of horror stories then rush to the market as we have prepared something extraordinary for you. Find the newest application and it will impress you so much that you will wonder how to get it fast on your phone. It is only one click away from you so do not hesitate but tap the button to download free the latest Halloween Defense game. Enter the eeriest haunted house to celebrate the 31 October with your friends. Each one of you has brought some treats to eat during the party. Suddenly you are under the attack or better to say your candies are being stolen. You have to stop the scary creatures from taking you away your sweets. Do not run when you see the radiant green hand reaching from the grave but tap it several times to smash it. Summon up all your courage to confront the strongest enemy and secure the chocolate cupcakes and delicious waffles.

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This is your unique opportunity to escape the everyday obligations and dive into a completely new world for you. All your attention is focused on destroying the monsters and ghosts and you do not have time to think about the problems and troubles that haunt you in reality. You cannot believe that you have finally found the coolest game that can entertain you for hours. There is never a dull moment with the best Halloween Defense. Feel like you are the bravest warrior on the planet and protect the top candies from the greedy spiders. Their eerie appearance sends shivers down your spine but you are ready to confront them. You will not let the fear guide you but you will overcome it.

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