Fish Math Workout

Have fun while you solve the basic math problems with help of the amazing fish


♫ Are you ready to install the coolest educational game on your phone? Download free the newest ♪Fish Math Workout♪ app and be enchanted with the most astonishinggoogle-play-badge character ever. She is so cute that she can melt even the coldest heart. Children will adore her and because of her, this will become their favorite pastime. When they open it, the first thing that they have to do is to select the between classic or time trial modes. The loveliest fish will be their support while they think about questions and answers related to arithmetic operations. The goal is to set the high score and avoid making mistakes because they will make the astonishing pink underwater creature sad. Nobody wants to see her in bad mood so be cautious when you solve math problems.

♫ You can use this best fun and learning game to test how good your kids are in mathematics and improve their skills regarding this school subject. It will also improve their memory, which is one of the most important features of latest ♪Fish Math Workout♪. Get the top educational app on your smartphone or tablet and surprise your kids with the most exciting as well as cool math attack puzzle. Touch to play and enjoy. First, you will notice the question with the already given answer and the children should decide whether it is true or false and tap on the yes or no button correspondingly.

♫ Keep in mind that the buttons can switch their colors. If the answer is correct and you5 want to click yes, do not be confused because it is red. You should be careful and avoid tapping the wrong green one because of the color. It is there to deceive you to make a mistake and with the popular ♪Fish Math Workout♪, you are allowed to make only three of them. If that happens, you will lose and the top game will be over. Are you ready to practice your cognitive and logical skills solving arithmetic operations? You can use it for teaching addition and subtraction. There are also questions that deal with multiplication and division and you think that it is great. Kids will be learning through fun and the knowledge acquired in that way is the long lasting one. Prepare to test your mind, skills, and speed in the fight with time in the best possible way with the latest educational game. Let the children meet the newest astonishing character and this will become their favorite pastime.

6♫ When they start playing, you will notice that there is a time limit for each question. When it appears on the screen, the clock starts ticking and you should tap the correct button before the time runs out. If you fail, it will be counted as one mistake, which will make the cutest pink fish sad. You surely do not want to see her in bad mood so try as hard as you can to set the high score and make her happy. Download free the popular ♪Fish Math Workout♪ app and have lots of fun while you brush up on your knowledge related to four basic operations of elementary arithmetic.


✓Free entertaining arithmetic game

✓Wonderful main character

✓Operations of addition and subtraction

✓As well as of multiplication and division

✓Math puzzle for kids


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