Clever Santa Math Challenge

Test your knowledge from basic math with the clever Santa and have tons of fun


♫ Feel the spirit of winter holidays and surprise your kids with the best educationalgoogle-play-badge game. Download free the newest ♪Clever Santa Math Challenge♪ app for toddlers and preschoolers on your phone to surprise the youngest ones. When they start playing, they will be enchanted with the main character who is actually Father Christmas. Meet him and he will help all of you to solve basic math problems in the blink of an eye. First, you have to choose between two modes: classic or time trial. Then you should show how smart you are and set the high score that no one can beat. Have tons of fun and get the latest ♪Clever Santa Math Challenge♪.

♫ Prepare to test your kids’ knowledge of arithmetic operations using top fun and learning game right now. They should beware not to make a mistake while they decide whether the answer to the math puzzle is right or wrong. The correct one button can be painted with both red and green. They should not let the colors deceive them and lead them to tap the wrong button. Then the main character will be sad and no one wants to see him that way. With the popular ♪Clever Santa Math Challenge♪, you are allowed to make only three mistakes. After that, you will lose and the cool game will be over. Make Father Christmas happy and choose only the right buttons. Set the high score, which will make you top player.

♫ Quickly brush on your knowledge related to four basic operations of elementary 3arithmetic using the newest ♪Clever Santa Math Challenge♪. The loveliest main character will knock your socks off when you see him carrying the huge bag with presents. They are for the kids that behaved well throughout the year and you hope that there is one for you too. It is so amusing that you cannot take your eyes off the smartphone. Improve your logical and cognitive skills with this best educational math attack game for kids. You will see that it is useful for adults also and not just for the youngest ones. While you are focused on tapping the right button, you will see how great it is for improving concentration. You can even organize a challenge among the children and the winner will be the one who sets the high score. In the meantime, while they are having fun with the popular ♪Clever Santa Math Challenge♪ you will have enough time to finish all the housework and maybe even relax a little bit.

6♫ Do not hesitate but test your mind, skills, and speed in the fight with time right now. Touch to start playing and the scene will remind you of the loveliest winter holidays. Feel the charms of this season while you observe the coolest background bedecked with snowflakes and have the impression that you are dreaming. Keep in mind that for each question there is a timer. Do not think too much or the time will run out and you will make a mistake. Use this best fun and learning game on your tablet for teaching multiplication and division as well as practice addition and subtraction. The knowledge acquired through play is the long lasting one. Download free the latest ♪Clever Santa Math Challenge♪ and have fun with your kids while you solve various arithmetic operations.


✓Free entertaining arithmetic game

✓Wonderful main character

✓Operations of addition and subtraction

✓As well as of multiplication and division

✓Math puzzle for kids


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