Brain Math Attack

Meet the brain and solve together arithmetic problems within a time limit


google-play-badge♫ Have you ever wanted to practice math in a funny way? If yes, then you should go to the market and download free the newest ♪Brain Math Attack♪ app on your phone or tablet. The moment you open this challenging game you will be amazed with the main character. It is impressive and if you cannot take your eyes off it. First, you will have to choose between two modes. There is classic and time trial and the choice is all yours. The goal is to solve math problems and set the high score. This is a great opportunity for you to revise your knowledge related to four basic operations of elementary arithmetic while playing. Do not make mistakes because they will make your hero very sad. Have tons of fun while you are playing the latest ♪Brain Math Attack♪.

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♫ Open top educational game and encounter the funny main player. Its appearance will amuse your even your kids and bring the biggest smile to their face. This cool brain looks very similar to how they have always imagined it. It has the power to cheer up all of you while you try to answer the questions. Be careful and keep an eye on the timer not to run out of time. If that happens, you will lose and have to start all over. That is not what you want and your goal is to set the highest score playing the popular ♪Brain Math Attack♪. What impresses you the most is the fact that math problems deal with all four basic operations of elementary arithmetic and you can start teaching them to children using this best app.

icon♫ Are you ready to test your mind, skill, and speed in the fight with time? If you are then get the coolest ♪Brain Math Attack♪ on your smartphone or tablet. Touch start to begin playing and keep in mind that you have to answer the questions within a time limit that is set for each one of them. Be careful because the clock is ticking fast and you do not want to lose. In addition, you have to pay attention to the color of the buttons of the answers. It may happen that the right one is painted with red and that should not deceive you and make you tap the wrong one. Make sure to click only the buttons with the correct solution of the math problem and that will make your main character happy. Beware that you can make only three mistakes and then the top game will be over.

♫ Improve your logical and cognitive skills in the best way right now. The children will enjoy this new fun and learning game the most. It is for toddlers and preschools as well as school kids. Provide them with the endless source of fun that will keep their attention attracted. They will not even notice that they are actually learning addition and subtraction. Moreover, they will acquire multiplication and division with only one popular challenging game. It will also improve their concentration in the most sensational way. Do not hesitate any longer but download free for your children the latest ♪Brain Math Attack♪ app.


✓Free entertaining arithmetic game

✓Wonderful main character

✓Operations of addition and subtraction

✓As well as of multiplication and division

✓Math puzzle for kids


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