Robot Defense

Show your heroic skills and protect your toys from the robots


google-play-badgeThis is your unique opportunity to feel like a child again so grab it with both hands. The newest application will amaze you with its main character. What is also important is that it is easy to get it. Just tap one button and download for free the latest Robot Defense on your phone. This the coolest game will show you the importance of being happy. The swarm of thoughts in your head that haunts you will disappear finally and you will feel blessed. Step on the battlefield and fight till the end to secure your best toys from the dangerous attackers. They want to steal you your childhood from you and your memories of these golden days but you want let them. These are your greatest treasure and you will confront anyone to save them. It does not matter to you how strong the enemy is as you have summoned up all the courage to eliminate them all. With the coolest Robot Defense you will have the chance to escape the gloomy reality during the leisure hours. All the problems will disappear and you will relax magnificently. After some time you will be rejuvenated and ready for any future obstacles that are yet to come.

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Listen to the soothing music in the background and let it take you away to another dimension. There are no human beings there just you. Now you are all alone and you have to confront the scary machines that want to take away from you your precious toys. With the popular Robot Defense on your tablet you will have tons of fun. Only this top game can help you in running away from the everyday life on the planet. Close your eyes and imagine that you are somewhere else.

iconWith your very fast fingers you can get rid of any enemy. So overcome all your fears and arm yourself with patience as intruders will come even in clusters. Share the latest application with your friends and call them to visit you. In the meantime bake some cookies and prepare some coffee to serve them with. They will be amazed with this the newest game. You can even organize a contest to see who will get the highest score. The best Robot Defense is easy to play as it does not require any special skills. You just need to concentrate and be careful who are you smashing. Some of the machines are there to help you and if you harm them you will lose. So when you arrive on the battlefield open all four eyes not to hurt the ones you should not. Smash only the enemies and beware that some of them will be pretty strong and you will have to tap them several times to eliminate them. Feel the rush of adrenaline while you do that and try to stay in the top game as long as you can. Also you have to be on the constant lookout because from time to time the precious bonuses will appear on your screen. When you collect them they will either kill or slow your enemies. Make sure not to miss the blue spring and rocket under any circumstances. Enjoy your phone like never before and download free the popular Robot Defense today.


  • Free entertaining defense game
  • Amazing items that should be protected
  • Various objects for bonuses
  • Friends that will help you during the battle
  • Fantastic music in the background

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