Pirate Defense

Enter the world of your dreams and fight against attackers to defend the gold


google-play-badgeAre you searching for a new application that will provide you with hours of fun? We have prepared something exclusive for you that will knock your socks off so rush to the market and download free the latest Pirate Defense game on your phone. As soon as you start playing it you will feel like you are entering the world of your dreams. All the treasure you have been collecting for years is now under threat of being taken away from you. Step on the battlefield and protect your gold from the invaders. They have been lazy and now they want to rob you. But you won’t let it happen under any circumstances. All your attention is focused on the enemies and you do not have time to think about anything else. All the worries and problems slowly disappear while you confront the attackers. Finally you can enjoy your leisure hours. The thoughts are no longer swarming in your head and you are happy because of that.

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Now you can sail away to the isolated island and relax under the shade of the sensational palm tree. No one can drag you back to gloomy reality, not now when you have found a perfect place where you can really have some fun. With the top Pirate Defense you will turn your device into a machine that will help you in the best way to escape to another dimension. The coolest adventure is ahead of you and you are ready to start fighting against the dangerous sharks in order to save your treasure. Sense the rush of adrenaline and use your fast fingers to smash the parrots that want to steal your gold. Get the popular Pirate Defense game on your tablet and step on the battlefield to crush the latest enemies.

iconDo not run away when you see the scary skull but summon up all the courage to eliminate it. There is no place for fear so discover the bravest warrior in you. This latest app is created and designed to suit the needs of people of all ages. The children will like it the most as then they can identify with their favorite cartoon characters. Tell them that they should spare the mermaid as she is here to help. If they accidentally smash her then the battle will be over and they will lose. The top Pirate Defense is so addictive that you will wish to share it with your friends so that they can have fun too. You can even organize a small contest among you. The winner will be the person who reaches the highest score that cannot be beaten. Concentrate on the best game and make sure to collect all the bonuses. The compass and the treasure chest will either kill or slow the enemies and in that way you will have the chance to protect your gold. Whenever you see a spider monkey do not admire its clothing but smash him otherwise he will steal you the coins. The long winter nights will never again be boring to you as you now have the coolest game that will amuse you for hours. Imagine that the wooden ship is all yours and that you can sail away far away from the gloomy reality and spend the rest of your life on the open ocean. Download free the popular Pirate Defense on your phone and start the most exciting adventure with your friends the mermaid and the parrot.


  • Free entertaining defense game
  • Amazing items that should be protected
  • Various objects for bonuses
  • Friends that will help you during the battle
  • Fantastic music in the background

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