Drums Tiles Run

Tap on the drums and follow them until you reach the highest score


google-play-badgeHave you ever wanted to learn how to play your favorite musical instrument? With the newest app you will be on cloud nine when you realize that you can practice fast fingers with it and improve your concentration. It is easy to play as it does not require any special skills and it is very exciting. Download free the latest Drums Tiles Run on your smartphone and play it all day long. Are you sick and tired of sitting in the waiting room for hours? You are bored to death and you desperately need some fun. The top game is perfect solution for you. Prepare to enter the most exciting adventure and follow the tambourines as fast as you can. Do not click on the dark areas because when you do it you will lose. Then you can organize a race with yourself and see whether you can beat your own high score. Listen to the relaxing music in the background and it will take you away far from your home.

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Close your eyes and imagine that you are the superhero and that you are very popular. Wake up when you hear the sound of the drums and you try to concentrate and tap only illuminated tiles. Follow your dreams and complete the mission successfully. You will escape the irritating city bustle and run to the place where all your worries and problems will disappear. This top addictive game will provide you with the best entertainment you can imagine and you will share it with everyone. It is designed and created for people of all ages as it is pretty easy and simple. The swarm of thoughts in your head will be gone when you open on your tablet the coolest Drums Tiles Run.

iconGet the newest app that will enchant you and improve your mood in the blink of an eye. Share it will all of your friends. Spend the afternoon together and organize a contest among you. Each one of you will be playing on his phone the latest game. The winner will be the person that has the fastest fingers and reaches the highest score. Try as hard as you can to prove yourself as the best player the world has ever seen. You cannot believe that you have finally found something that will keep you occupied for hours. There is no time for thinking about various troubles that haunt even when you sleep as you need to concentrate when you start the race and begin following the illuminated areas. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to make a mistake and touch the dark spots as it will eliminate you immediately. Run after the wonderful musical instrument known as tabla and listen to the magnificent sound that you can hear when you tap it. You will get the impression that you are playing it and you will enjoy the mesmerizing music. It will relax you in the best possible way and you will feel rejuvenated and ready for any obstacle that is yet to come. Play this the coolest game on your tablet as it has much bigger screen than your phone and you will enjoy it more. Download free the popular Drums Tiles Run and feel the rush of adrenaline while you rush against the ticking clock trying to get some bonus time.


  • Free entertaining tiles run game
  • Wonderful musical instruments as tiles
  • Interesting sound effect when you lose
  • Does not require any previous knowledge
  • Amazing music in the background

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