Thief Math Survive

The thief is in great trouble and you are the only one that can help him


google-play-badgeHave you ever wanted to live in an metropolis? If your answer is yes then this is unique opportunity for you to roam the streets of the such an place. Get the newest application and install it on your tablet as it has much bigger screen than your smartphone and your experience of the latest game will improve. If you want to brush up on your knowledge about arithmetic then download free the best Thief Math Survive and you will kill two birds with one stone. Moreover you will improve your multitasking skills as in order to play you will have to complete several things simultaneously. First of all you will notice the up and down button on the left which will help your superhero to jump over the barrier on the street or slide if the enemy comes from the air.

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There is also the stone board in the middle and you can see that there is one math problem written there. You have to solve it and the solutions are presented in the right corner and you have to tap on the right one. If you do not know the answer and cannot even guess it and click the wrong one you will lose. Also there is the time limit so be on the constant lookout. In the same time you have to evade the obstacles. This the top game is also educational one so share it with your children if you want them to learn. What is the most important thing is that they will have lots of fun while they do that and they will not notice when they have acquired the knowledge. You will feel immense happiness because they were amused in the best possible way and you could finish all the housework. Download free the popular Thief Math Survive game on your tablet and share your high score with your kids and challenge them to beat it.

iconIf you are out of idea what to do during your leisure hours visit the market to check out the latest app that we have created. It is easy to install and all you have to do is to click just once. Solve all the newest calculations while the clock is ticking and let your superhero run as fast as he can. Just do no let him to hit that blue car as then you will lose. Get the coolest Thief Math Survive and step on the city streets to start the funniest adventure of your life. The little boy will melt your heart while you guide him. His radiant green lock of hair embellishes the brown cap wonderfully. His whole outfit is breathtaking and you cannot believe that this innocent child could rob someone. Now he is in great danger and he has to escape the villains that chase him and you are the only one who can help him. Tap the up and down buttons to avoid the enemies and solve math calculations on time. Whenever you feel blue play this popular game and it will cheer you up in the coolest way. Feel the rush of adrenaline when you step on the streets and you see the question which you know you have to answer pretty fast. Accomplish the mission successfully and set the high score that no one can beat. Share with your friends to boast how you are an math expert and they will envy you for sure. Organize a race and the person who stays the longest will be the winner. Concentrate and show your multitasking skills to the whole world. Download free the top Thief Math Survive on your phone and run with your superhero all day long.


  • Free entertaining arithmetic game
  • Wonderful main character
  • Math questions with correct and false answers
  • Dangerous enemy in the air
  • Amazing obstacle on the ground

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